Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 3 York

The day started with an annoying wake-up call not only to our group but also to some poor strangers with a French accent who told Ms Vial to: “Stop ringing, ve are shleeping!
So we were actually up at a reasonable time this morning (6:00am!) to get ready for a train ride to the medieval epicentre of York, with a bagged breakfast.
The 2 hour train ride from London to York provided a very different perspective of England, with tiny villages scattered amongst lush green countryside.
Adjusting to the brisk temperature, we met up with tour guide, Louise, who took us on a short walking tour of some of York’s tourist attractions, including the overflowing River Ouse, the Yorkshire Museum and the Museum Gardens, home to the Hospitium (Latin for guest house), St Mary’s Abbey (now in ruins), the York Minster (2nd largest Cathedral in all Europe), the Barley Hall and the bustling town centre (a real Shambles).
The Jorvik Viking Museum, the home of resurrected Viking settlements in York (866 to 954), proved an interesting journey back in time with recreated scenes of what life would have been like in bygone days.
After lunch the York Castle Museum held our interest with scenes of fashion, prison life, food, housing and jobs in the 18th, 19thand 20th centuries displaying the evolution of change and technology. Some members of the York Castle Prison were among the first convicts to settle in Australia in 1788! A touch screen enabled me to check if any family members were convicts, and luckily, the name ‘Day’ produced 0 results!
I am looking forward to our next stop in Stratford tomorrow on our way back to London!
Mum, I hope you and Meagan are coping with dad’s bung knee whilst I am away!
Jarryd Day.

Louise (our tour guide) explains historical points of interest to willing listeners.

The York Minster, the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe stands tall and has, amongst other features, exquisite stained glass windows that date back to Norman times.

The Shambles. York has many examples of Medieval architecture that transport you back in time.

The Jorvik Viking Centre. Sights and sounds of what life during Viking times would have been like. We noticed the uncanny resemblance between Mr Scritchley and one of the Vikings.

Mitch was temporarily confined to the stocks in the York Castle Museum.

What a tiring day! …. William didn’t quite make it to his bed.

Hi Madeleine, Sebastien. How are you? Missing you both. Love mum x

Thanks to everyone who has commented. Getting late, we need our beauty sleep. Hope to reply tomorrow.

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